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Baltimore, MD

What data is expected?

Structured data about web traffic to the city government website. Web analytics are one of the most useful datasets for understanding direct interaction between local governments and residents. Data collected using programs such as Google Analytics, KISSMetrics, or other similar programs can allow cities to make better decisions about web-development priorities based on constituent needs. In the hands of civic technologists, web analytics can also be used to advocate for better accessibility for all residents and to demonstrate challenges that both the city and the civic-hacking community should address. As an example, Code for America created a real-time analytics viewer (in alpha) based on GDS’s analytics dashboard. While it requires access to real-time data, which many cities do not yet release, it provides powerful information about actual usage for city staff who publish on the web. Ideally, information published would include data such as site visits, page views, unique visitors, average site visit duration / average time on page, bounce rate, and search terms. (More info)

  • Visits — ideally with information on devices and browsers used to access the site
  • Page views — including number of views for top pages
  • Top searches

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Available free online No
In an open format
Collected by government Yes Statement that the New Website for the City of Baltimore was designed after pouring over the "web analytics". Tracker for Google Analytics appears in the website code.
collector_name Google Google because Google Analytics appear as a tracker on the website. Best guess for the involved department is the "Mayor's Office of Information Technology" as their websites states the office "is responsible for deploying, utilizing and leveraging information technology to enhance productivity, broaden capabilities, and reduce the operating costs of Baltimore City government, thereby improving the quality and timeliness of services delivered to the citizenry."
online_otherwise No No place to request access and doubtful that delegated access would be granted to Google analytics dashboard. Not available on Socrata and no indication it would be available anywhere else on the website.

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