Spending 100% open

Bellevue, WA

What data is expected?

Open spending data informs citizens, journalists, and government officials alike as to just how public funds are being spent. Spending data should include a complete list of city expenditures at a detailed transactional level (including tax breaks, loans, contracts, grants, and operational spending). In other words, records should be fairly granular, covering, for instance, month to month expenditures on specific items costing in the thousands rather than the millions. This data category refers to detailed ongoing data on actual expenditures; a database of contracts awarded is not considered sufficient. (More info)

  • Expense type or category
  • Expense description
  • Amount

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licensed Yes
Available in bulk Yes Multiple datasets, but each is fully downloadable
Up-to-date Yes
Available free online Yes
Available free of charge Yes
In an open format CSV, JSON, RDF, TSV, XML
findable 4
findable_steps Looked for budget or spending on data.bellevuewa.gov
licence_url https://opendatapolicyhub.sunlightfoundation.com/collec
Collected by government Yes
usability 3
collector_name City of Bellevue
characteristics Expense type or category, Expense description, Amount
location http://budget.bellevuewa.gov/#!/year/default - Budget, href="https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/dataset/Bellevue-Budget-Expenses/bdgb-igjx" https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/dataset/Bellevue-Budg">rel="nofollow">https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/dataset/Bellevue-Budg - Bellevue Budget - Expenses, href="https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government/Operating-Expenditures-Year-to-Date/2dv4-xcki" https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government">rel="nofollow">https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government - Operating Expenditures - Year to Date, href="https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government/Capital-Investment-Program-Plan-Expenditures-to-Da/45k8-pg3a" https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government">rel="nofollow">https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government - Capital Investment Program Plan Expenditures to Date

Meta data

Data location   http://budget.bellevuewa.gov/#!/year/default - Budget
   https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/dataset/Bellevue-Budg - Bellevue Budget - Expenses
   https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government - Operating Expenditures - Year to Date
   https://bellevue.data.socrata.com/Responsive-Government - Capital Investment Program Plan Expenditures to Date
Data licence   https://opendatapolicyhub.sunlightfoundation.com/collec
Data format   CSV, JSON, RDF, TSV, XML
Reviewer   Jeremiah Griswold
Submitters   Jeremiah Griswold
Last modified   Wed Dec 26 2018 22:38:37 GMT+0000 (UTC)