Police Use-of-Force 89% open

Chicago, IL

What data is expected?

The Police Data Initiative defines use of force as “the means of compelling compliance or overcoming resistance to an officer’s command(s) in order to protect life or property or to take a person into custody.” Use-of-force data should include data, location, a description or type of forced used, and a reason for use of force.This data is crucial for police accountability. (More info)

  • Date
  • Location
  • Type or description of force used
  • Reason for use of force

How open is the data?

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Question Answer Comment
Openly licensed Yes
Available in bulk Yes
Up-to-date Yes
Available free online Yes
Available free of charge Yes
In an open format These are Socrata datasets so they are not in any of these formats but are easily exportable in several, plus API enabled.
findable 4
findable_steps I created the datasets in the first place but I think a reasonable search would find them.
licence_url https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases
Collected by government Yes
usability 3
collector_name Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability
characteristics Date, Location, Type or description of force used
location href="https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases-Summary/mft5-nfa8" https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases">rel="nofollow">https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases - , href="https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases-By-Complainant-or-Subject/vnz2-rmie" https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases">rel="nofollow">https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases - , href="https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases-Summary/mft5-nfa8" https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases">rel="nofollow">https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases -

Meta data

Data locationhttps://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases
Data licence   https://data.cityofchicago.org/Public-Safety/COPA-Cases
Data format   Unknown
Reviewer   Jonathan Levy
Submitters   Jonathan Levy
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