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Louisville/Jefferson County, KY

What data is expected?

A complete suite of lobbying data should include information about registration and activity — who is paying lobbyists and, ideally, how much and where money is spent.

For the purposes of the U.S. City Open Data Census, lobbyist activity data should include structured information from the registration and activity reports that lobbyists are required to file: lobbyist information, client information, and descriptions of lobbying activity. Public access to this data is essential for the public to gain insight into the world of municipal influence.

Note: In some cities lobbyist registration data will be seperate from lobbyist activity data. (More info)

  • Lobbyist registration information — including name, contact information, and date of registration
  • Client information — including name and contact information of the individual or firm paying for the lobbyist’s time
  • Description of lobbying activity — including name of the public official lobbied, date contact was made, specific request, decision, or policy discussed

How open is the data?

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In an open format
Collected by government No
collector_non_gov Checking in with the Ethics Commission about this... stay tuned

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